Q. Is alcohol allowed in Central Park and can I bring alcohol to my event?
In Central Park and all of New York City, it is illegal to drink alcoholic beverages in public places (such as parks or on streets). This also includes possession of an open container of alcohol.

Q. Is there a permit that I can obtain in order to have alcohol at my event?
A. Unfortunately there is no permit that can be obtained to allow alcohol. If you would still like to hold your event in Central Park and be able to openly drink alcohol, you may want to consider holding it indoors at either Tavern on the Green or Loeb Boathouse.

Q. What will happen if we bring alcohol to our event?
As of March 2016, police are more likely to issue summonses (tickets) instead of arrests for offenders in Manhattan found with an open container. The NYPD may still arrest, depending on the specific factors of the offense incurred.

CentralPark.com and our partners/affiliates do not encourage or condone the use of alcohol in Central Park. We are not responsible for the actions of visitors to our website and/or any of the attendees at any of our privately produced events.