Reserve a carriage in advance to ensure availability, and customize your ride for special occasions such as weddings, proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and more! 

You can reserve a horse and carriage tour here:

Carriage Ride Regulations: 

All rides are subject to New York City rules and regulations and ordinances:
1. Summer restrictions - No carriage may operate above 89 degrees. It is suggested that you watch the weather reports during the summer months. Often the authorities will send the carriages home at 87 degrees.
2. Winter restrictions - No carriage may operate below 19 degrees or during Blizzards. ASPCA has, on occasion, sent horses home on short notice when it snows.
3. Police blockades or visits from important political figures visiting New York City may cause streets to be closed down. If the carriage is unable to gain access to your pick-up point, the carriage company cannot take responsibility.
4.  Carriage Capacity - Four (4) adults per carriage, or:  3 adults & 2 kids under the age of 12, or:  1 adult & 4 kids under the age of 12.
5.  Monday-Friday rides start at 10AM, Saturday and Sunday rides start at 9AM
6.  No rides below 34th Street. This is NYC Law.